Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Small Things...Come in Big Packages...sometimes

"YO DEE!" Christalynn yelled as she threw open my door.
"Okay bitch, if you break it you buy it." I responded, with a huge smirk on my face.
"Woah! Did someone forget their manners back in Georgia?" Christalynn jumped face first into my newly made bed.

She sat there staring at me with such excitement in her blue-eyes. Her dark brown hair flowed down past her chest. Those two components alone makes her gorgeous. She really doesn't need her dark tan, athletic figure, and size C breasts on top of that. For that, I'm jealous. God has blessed her with a goddess body, and there I was unpacking and could hardly bare to look at myself in the mirror. I'm scrawny and still flat-chested at the age of seventeen. I haven't even got my period yet. My mother always told me that I'd bloom eventually. Eventually needs to come soon. Seriously. Anywhoo, back to the dialogue.

"At least my mother taught me manners." I retorted watching her lay in my now-messy bed.
"Sorry, I forgot you had OCD." Chris joked, "Anyways, I was at the mall today finishing my school shopping and guess what I got for you."

Chris didn't wait a second for my guess. She stuck her freshly manicured hand into a huge black bag and pulled out a two small metal green-leaf clovers. There was a letter on each one, D and C. She handed me the one that had the letter C enscribed on it.

"So I can always bring you good luck, and you the same for me." she explained. I smiled, and quickly went to hug her. "Thanks Chris, I'll need it for when school starts."

"We'll get through it together. Besides, the only thing you should worry about is senioritis."

After we had our usual gossip time about boys, our senior year, and nail polish (not the usual) she grabbed her bags and headed across the street to her house. I asked her to stay the night, but she had plans with our other friend Natalie.

Okay, so sometimes I'm completely jealous and wish Chris and I could totally trade places, but she has been there for me forever. No one could take her place. YEAH I KNOW SO CLICHE.... but seriously. I'm kinda sort of tired so I guess my first entry will be short and sweet. Nite!

NEWAYS...UPDATE TOMORROW?!? Maybe. You will just have to see.

- You're one and only xoxoD.

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